Prt Scr 

Colour study


In Prt Scr my analysis focuses on the color patches within one of my own pictures. I do this in response to Josef Albers’ theory, which states that colors are relative. I gave myself the task of making a selection of color planes, ranging from dark to light. From the outcome can be questioned whether they are still photographs. Each picture shows a composition of two screen image cut-outs, from a photo editing program. The lower surface displays the selected color tone, the upper surface indicates where in the digital color spectrum this color is located.


In the series of subsequent images is visible how my eye twice misjudged the order, when judging the colors in the picture as a whole. I thought I had selected the darkest color in the picture, but a not adjacent plane I selected afterwards was darker. This became immediately evident when I placed the isolated colors next to each other. The experiment confirms that the intensity of a color plane in itself is of no significance. It is about the interaction with other color planes.