Out of site specific context #6-10

Serie of 10 photos

Photo on Canson Rag and dibond , white aluminium frame

54 x 40 cm 


With series Out of Site Specific Context I have created a new context for work that was initially developed for a specific place. Then, the subjective experience of space and the direct perception versus the photographic perception formed the subject. Now, I question whether knowledge of the initial situation determines the meaning and the artistic value of the picture.


In the initial situation, as the exhibition was over and the picture was detached from the place, the picture lost (part of) its meaning, because it was seen out of the original context. For  one exhibition, I made a photo of a scale model, which was showed in the room the model was based on. This repetition is no longer present outside the original context. That effect made me curious how the picture could also be of interest outside the exhibition space. Therefore, I combined several images from different project spaces as a basis for this new series of photographs. The presented images are on different scales and from various perspectives, wherein points of reference and used materials are playfully shown. The combination of pictures constitutes an autonomous series, which creates a new permanent context.

2016 | Out Of Site Specific Context