Mindi Matu - with(in) the forest (2022) - Totomboti & Marjet Zwaans

Overview installation with

carved wood panel, embroidery, textile, photo print, screen print, wood bench

Unfair Amsterdam

Marjet Zwaans

Mindi Matu - Baka Eba Pasi

61 x 132 cm - with steal frame to install 5 cm distant from the wall


Process: concept and drawing by Marjet Zwaans, based on image of road infrastructure to extract trees from the rainforest behind Mount Eba,

Saamaka Tembe patterns and shapes by Toya Saaki, woodcarving by Steven Kwadjani. In the wood workshop of Totomboti in Pikin Slee, Suriname

Thanks to Toya Saakie, Edje Doekoe, Steven Kwadjani, Vinije Haabo, Aude Christel Mgba