Mbei u seei gblen gblen (2023) @ Buro Stedelijk, Amsterdam

two audio and two video fragments, excerpts of conversations


audio 41’’ ; video 29’’; audio 4’11’’ ; video 5’30’’ recorded in Pikin Slee

Marjet Zwaans, Edje Doekoe, Toya Saakie

translations by Vinije Haabo



Marjet Zwaans

How do you experience languages? How does it make you feel? Mbei u seei gblen gblen, Sindo a mindi, Fitoou di tololo sondi & Lesipeki di matu, are audio and video fragments of conversations in Saramaccan, one of Suriname’s Maroon languages. Formed by a mix of various African and European languages, such as Kikongo, Ewe, Portuguese, Dutch and English. You may hear an occasional familiar word. The rhythm and intonation form the base of the presentation of Edje Doekoe, Toya Saakie and Marjet Zwaans, during Listening Sessions Manifestation #1 at Buro Stedelijk. With an English translation of the conversations written on paper with Vinije Haabo (next page).