Decentral drawing (hii son boeia) / 2018

Little Endian Robots

Paper, color pens, table of re-used wood, video

Installation and workshops

Tembe fu libi / Moengo Triennial / Suriname 

On a handmade round table, we initiate drawing workshops with robots. Patterns and abstract forms are drawn that exist worldwide, but can be explained differently in and within different cultural contexts. The table is made of shelves from the former hospital building of Suralco, which is now Museum for Contemporary Art CAMM II. During the six weeks of the exhibition period, the workshops are supervised by students from Moengo. The participating local teenagers draw patterns related to Maroon culture and at the same time explore the basic elements and structure of a programming language.



By artisanal work and sharing cultural and technological knowledge and skills, Decentral drawing (hii son boeia) asks which specific local knowledge is interesting to exchange globally. The project will continue in Suriname and then, in relation to open source and commons, we will investigate the potential value and significance of the exchange.

Thanks to Kibii Foundation of Marcel Pinas (especially Sandro and Nikita, meneer Bané), Little Endian (Bas Pijls and IoT students at HVA) & Mondriaanfonds