Correspondence for Choir / 2020

Performance / Graphical score / Publication / Video

Collaborative work

Open Studios / Jan van Eyck Academie / Maastricht

Correspondence for Choir is a collaborative project with musicians from the Conservatory Maastricht. The composition springs from mutualistic interaction, like lichen’s formation. The score is open for interpretation and improvisation and so the performance continuously evolves. The singers move within the common spaces of the van Eyck building, listening to each other and adjusting their pitch and rhythm accordingly.


During the rehearsals, we practiced and were encouraged to differentiate. Trying to move away and towards harmony consecutively. By choosing a pitch and rhythm that is not yet sung by someone else. In search of complementing each others voices and build a complex cluster. 


Crossed Paths of Maastricht, choir voices: Adèle Sterck Filion, Cristina Bernal, Inês Teixeira, Jeske de Haart, Marjet Zwaans, Naïs Toniello, Polycarp Kyagulanyi, Raquel Dosío, Stephanie Elliott


Conductor: Inês Teixeira

Composer: Sachit Ajmani

Project development: Polycarp Kyagulanyi

Initiative and concept: Marjet Zwaans