Corresponding Bends / 2020

Wood, plastics, prints


Wall at the end of the Rainbow, curated by Natasha Marie Llorens

Jan van Eyck Academie / Maastricht

Marjet Zwaans

'The Wall at the end of the Rainbow' is a groupshow curated by Natasha Marie Llorens. For the catalogue she wrote:


Marjet Zwaans’ Corresponding Bends is an installation that examines the transformation of perception. Zwaans tracks this change in the way we see by juxtaposing incommensurable materials. She cuts a folding pattern into mirrored plastic and into a large MDF blotter for silk-screen printing, and they become standing volumes. When the sunlight hits the mirrored material, its refraction reveals the material's geometrical structure. Each element of Zwaans’s installation creates different conditions for the viewer’s attention. Each stages a moment when the infrastructure used to build the world is made strange enough that we can perceive its complexity and mutability. 

Thanks to Jan van Eyck Academie, Huib Haye van der Werf, Margriet Thissen, Jonas van de Vosse, Ron Bernstein, Bik van der Pol.


Thanks to Prins Bernhard Culture Fund


Photos by Romy Finke